Veterans Affairs Loans (VA Loans)

Veterans Affairs loans, commonly referred to as VA loans, help both active-duty military and veterans secure affordable home loans. With thousands of veterans living in the Greater St. Louis area, as well as areas such as Camp Clark in Nevada, Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood in Pulaski, Missouri, Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson, Missouri, Marine Corps Mobilization Command in Kansas City, Missouri, VA loans can help many local veterans purchase a home.

Advantages of VA Loans for Qualified Individuals

No Down Payment VA loans do not require a down payment, allowing Missouri veterans to finance up to 100% of the complete purchase price.

No PMI Payment Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, is a common form of payment on some home loans that can increase the monthly mortgage payments. VA loans, however, do not include PMI payments, allowing veterans to save even more money.

Flexible Financial Guidelines Since VA loans are backed by the government, they have fewer restrictions than other home loans. There is no minimum credit score for veteran homeowners, and they enjoy more flexible guidelines on income and debt.

Refinancing Options Missouri veterans and military personnel that have existing home loans can use the VA loan to refinance their existing home at a lower, fixed rate.

VA Loans with Assured Mortgage Services

With incredible low rates and the best customer service, Assured Mortgage Services here in Missouri will guide you through your VA loan process. As a Missouri veteran, you will have full access to an experienced loan specialist who will complete and approve your VA loan quickly, so you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

If you are a veteran or an active military member anywhere in the state of Missouri, call or contact us today: you have earned this VA loan!